Confirmation of adults on the eve of Pentecost

Jun 8, 2019

Saturday, June 8 Eve of Pentecost Mass in the Dominican Sisters' Church in Gródek at 14:30 will be presided over by Bishop Janusz Mastalski, who will give the adults of our catechumenate a confirmation sacrament.

More than a decade ago, we began the celebration of the liturgical eve of the Pentecost celebrations, which complement the rich array of charismatic vigils and worship evenings organized in Krakow the night before Pentecost. Initially, it was Gregorian Christmas Eve ("In Vigilia Pentecostes" in the church of St. Idzi at Wawel), and in recent years - after the publication of the new Missal and then the Lectionary - also Holy Masses at the Church of Our Lady of the Snow in Krakow's Gródek (under the leadership of the Prior, and then the bishops Damian Muskus and Tadeusz Pieronek, who for the last five years also gave a confirmation sacrament). Last year, the invitation was received by the Archbishop of Krakow, Archbishop Marek Jędraszewski, who gave baptism and confirmation.

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According to the proposal contained in the new editions of the liturgical books, the Holy Mass will begin with an extensive liturgy of the word, consisting of six readings, four psalms and the following prayers.

The catechumenate of the Dominicans is led by fathers associated with the Dominican Liturgical Center with the help of deacons, brothers of students and lay catechists - originating from the pastoral ministry of Beczka, Dominican Studies of Philosophy and Theology or the Light-Life Movement. Each person joins the group on each vacation: the people whose parents decided to leave the choice of faith for adulthood, children of other religions, and sometimes foreigners who in their childhood could not receive the sacraments in the Catholic Church. Each story is different - and although the course is of a group nature, the community is not numerous, thanks to which the approach to the candidates remains individual.

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The Dominican church from Cracow is traditionally a place of giving confirmation to adult candidates, because in this place every Sunday the Dominican Liturgical Center celebrated the Mass so far. in community with catechumens and candidates for Confirmation. Also, the sisters who do not leave the monastic enclosure, faithfully engage in prayer each year.

We cordially invite you to celebrate together the liturgy on June 8, and we encourage you to pray for the candidates who are preparing to receive the sacrament.