Extraordinary Music Workshop 2015

In 2015, the Foundation is organizing (for the third time) a weeklong extraordinary music workshop.

Extraordinary Music Workshop 2015

Faith – culture – education

In 2015, the Dominican Liturgical Centre Foundation is organizing (for the third time) a weeklong extraordinary music workshop for singers and instrumentalists who are interested in modern and ancient liturgical music. We are expecting 300 participants from Poland and Ukraine. For the most part, these are people around 30 years of age; believers and seekers who wish to deepen their faith. The lecturers for this program will be 12 outstanding musicians, composers and experts in the fields entrusted to them. This year's edition will be particularly directed towards dialogue with the Orthodox Church, because Orthodox lecturers will be present.

G. Weigel

The workshop aims to broaden the knowledge of music and develop practical skills in vocal and instrumental performance as well as formation in a mature faith. Participants are trained in such a way that they can share the skills gained during the workshops with their home communities – parishes, religious groups and schools. In addition, each day of the workshop we will have a concert or worship-service using artistic means of expression.

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The workshop is a unique opportunity to encounter a variety of cultural trends and forms of religiosity, meet people of different sensibilities and vocations, share experiences, and engage in creative dialogue. We will gather both Catholics and Orthodox, laity and clergy, people from small towns and large urban centers, both educated and uneducated. The workshop is an event bringing into contact the sacred (liturgy, prayer, liturgical music) and the profane (jazz, ethnic and folk dances), and placing old traditions (Gregorian chant, Orthodox music) in juxtaposition with new forms of piety (such as those experienced in community prayer vigils).

Characteristic features of the Workshop

Workshops take place in a unique formula that combines liturgical prayer, practical exercises and theoretical learning with active musical expression derived from different traditions. Each day workshop includes:

  • About 2 hours of liturgical celebrations,
  • 5.5 hours of practical classes,
  • 2 hours of concert or worship,
  • Lecture or catechesis.

The program includes a full week of classes. A participant may elect to participate in all workshops or in selected parts – three or four days, respectively.

Extraordinary Music Workshop 2014 (in Polish), video by Matylda Horodyska

Objectives of the Workshop

By drawing together such a unique group of leaders for such a rich program, we hope to help participants to live their faith in their daily lives in a way that is deeply rooted and expressed in culture.

Faith in the Liturgy

First of all, we hope that participants are able to experience the beauty and depth of jointly-celebrated liturgy. We believe that this experience will allow them to get closer to God and each other. Daily catechesis will be given to aid their participation in prayer. The workshop program includes prayer from the tradition of the Church of the West (for instance, the morning prayers or matutinum) and the East (the akathist). We wish to draw from the wealth of the whole Church rather than focus on divisions.

Faith in Culture

People coming from smaller towns are often unable to make contact with teachers who are competent in the field of singing. That is why we are excited by the chance to allow participants to benefit from meeting a large number of people who are professionally engaged in sacred music, devoted to the study of Gregorian chant and the traditions of the Eastern liturgical singing, competent in the proper conducting of vocal and vocal-instrumental music. This year, we will bring together 12 experts from all over Poland.

One of our goals is guiding the participants in broadening their musical horizons and developing their skills for the development and creative use of culture. Concerts play an important role in this process.

Faith in the community

In addition, we believe that the workshop will help participants find new opportunities to express their talents in the liturgy. We are always eager to bring together the cultures and experiences of those involved in Christian communities other than the Catholic Church. The traditions of the Orthodox and Protestant communities contain works of great cultural and spiritual importance. Getting to know them through the prism of music, and adapting them where appropriate to Catholic piety, brings individuals and churches closer together. The integration of Greek Orthodox (Byzantine) and Russian Orthodox music into the Workshop is a step towards the deepening of mutual respect among Christians.

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