Extraordinary Music Workshop 2017

The Workshop aims to develop new, good practices in liturgical music.

Extraordinary Music Workshop 2017

Extraordinary Music Workshop is the leading project of the Foundation, designed for vocalists and instrumentalists interested in liturgical music. Through the Workshop, we want to change the face of the Church in Poland on the very organic level. We are very aware how crucial role the music plays in the liturgy, therefore we value the Tradition as well as influence the new trends in the development of liturgical music.

The Workshop aims to develop new, good practices in this important part of the life of the Church. The goal is to provide a professional training for the leaders - people who can take the responsibility for the liturgical music in their communities. Other, not less important aim of the Workshop is to educate about and promulgate the beauty of the most prominent old musical masterpieces of the high sacral art. The role of which is nowadays diminished to merely a piece of museum exhibition - valuable, but totally deprived of its original purpose.

Our aim is also to promote the contemporary compositions with the highest musical quality. Through that, we want to enable the participants to be in the direct contact with the high musical culture, and at the same time, to satisfy their need for education in the subject of the art of liturgical music.

Details regarding the workshop will be provided soon.

You can contact us (in English) at [email protected].