Mysterium fascinans 2017

This year Kraków will be hosting the “Mysterium fascinans” liturgical retreat for the 10th time.

Mysterium fascinans 2017

This year Kraków will be hosting the “Mysterium fascinans” liturgical retreat for the 10th time. In the last decade, its name has become recognizable throughout the whole of Poland. Hundreds of participants associate it with the beauty of the celebrated liturgy accompanied by the deep reflection on liturgical matters. This year’s retreat is led by Fr. Cassian Folsom OSB, the professor of the Pontifical Atheneum of St. Anselm in Rome.

The topic of this year’s edition - “The Spirit of the Liturgy” - is a conscious reference not only to the last edition as it is a continuation and extension but also to the famous book of Card. Joseph Ratzinger (later Pope Benedict XVI), who during his pontificate showed the primacy of liturgy in the life of the Church and in the life of the individual Christian. Together with our special guest, Fr. Cassian Folsom OSB, a prior of the Benedictine Community in Norcia, we will be looking for what is essential for proper understanding of the liturgy and for the common reference to the ars celebrandi (the art of celebration) for both forms of the Roman rite.  Fr. Folsom, a professor of the Pontifical Liturgical Institute, will usher us into the mystery of the sacred liturgy, explaining how two forms of the Roman rite interfuse and complement each other. The title “The Spirit of the Liturgy” refers also to the question, how to live the liturgy on the daily basis, or in different words, how the liturgy is shaping the Christian spirituality. We want to inquire how the liturgy is transforming the whole life of a Christian, what can be called “the liturgical personality of a believer”: living in the presence of the Word, penetrated by the spirit of thanksgiving and sacrifice and in constant worship of God.

An important premise for creating the retreat was the attempt to translate the complicated theology into the understandable and vivid language. The choice of the lecturers is inspired by the notion that we need the experts that will expound the truths of the Catholic Faith in the approachable and understandable way. Besides the above mentioned special guest, we have invited our long-standing cooperators that have contributed to the community of the “Mysterium fascinans” retreat in previous years:  Fr. Krzysztof Porosła, Fr. Robert Woźniak, Fr. Maciej Zachara MIC, Fr. Bogusław Migut, Fr. Dominik Ostrowski, Fr. Tomasz Grabowski OP and Fr. Dominik Jurczak OP.

After a three-year-long break in preaching at the retreat, we will host again Fr. Wojciech Węgrzyniak, a biblical scholar from Kraków. And as usually, the Schola Cantorum Minorum Chosoviensis, will be responsible for animating the Gregorian chant during the retreat.

“Mysterium fascinans” liturgical retreat every year gathers around 200 people who seek to deepen their understanding and participation in the liturgy. In each edition we had outstanding guests and lecturers i.a. Fr. Prof. Cesare Giraudi, Fr. Dr. Jose Antonio Goñi from Pampeluna, Fr. Prof. Felix Maria Arocena Solano and Fr. Prof. Pierangelo Muroni. We hosted also Fr. Prof. Bogusław Nadolski, Fr. prof. Czesław Krakowiak, Fr. Prof. Bogusław Migut, Fr. Dr. Maciej Zachara MIC, Fr. Dr. Mateusz Przanowski OP, Dr. Tomasz Dekert and other distinguished speakers.

The retreat was started in 2008 from the initiative of Krzysztof Porosła, who at the time organizing them as a seminarian. So far the reatreat was held in retreat centers in Domielna Czarna, Bystra, Zembrzyce and in Kraków. Today, when we invite for the 10th edition, we are convinced that it has to take place within the rhythm of the celebrated liturgy.

The language of the retreat is Polish. In order to participate, refer to the Polish site version and sign-up form.