Our Mission, Goals and Values


The mission of the Dominican Liturgical Center is to cultivate beautiful liturgies that help people worship God. We are a community of scholars and artists, consecrated and lay, with a passion for renewing the liturgy. Our books, recordings, and online resources deepen understanding of the sacraments and support the life of the Church. We maintain a close link to the Dominican Order and publish the work of our collaborators under our own imprint.


The Dominican Liturgical Center was formed to amplify the efforts of a core group of people engaged in celebrating, studying, and nurturing the liturgy. Our goal is to discover, among the riches of tradition, the liturgical forms most appropriate for our own time. We delight in the beauty of sacred rituals and wish to foster that beauty so that it may lead others to God.


All that we do and everything we produce is an expression of certain core values. Among these are:
Faith. Faith is a living and dynamic bond with the Lord Jesus Christ and His Church. Our faith enlivens and informs our work. Whatever we do is for the greater glory of God and in service of the Church.
Catholicism. Being Catholic means working within the vital tradition of the Roman Catholic Church. The Catholic heritage is at the root of our identity; we draw inspiration from that heritage and hope to enrich it with the things we create. We are joyfully obedient to the Pope and faithful to our bishops, working hand-in-hand with the hierarchy. Papal teaching prompted us to create the Dominican Liturgical Center, and Church documents continue to guide us. We are not interested in belonging to a particular ideological camp within the Church: we love the Catholic Church, whole and universal.
Creativity. We honor artistic expression and respect artists who give tangible expression to God’s ineffable majesty. We make no compromise with kitsch; we reject what is clichéd or ill-conceived and anything that causes disharmony between the supernatural significance of the liturgy and its outward form.
Cooperation. We work with local communities and initiatives in Poland and abroad, favoring projects that connect care for the liturgy with a lively interest in culture. We support a diverse roster of institutions and individuals whose work is consistent with our mission. We work with emerging and experienced artists, with scholars of ancient traditions and composers of contemporary music; with practitioners and those who approach the liturgy theoretically.