We published a rich and diverse collection of hymns and sacred music for the whole liturgical year in twovolumes chantbook Niepojęta Trójco (O Inexpressible Trinity), a hymnal that has become a beloved standby for parishes all over Poland. We have published supplemental hymnals and booklets containing highly-regarded contemporary compositions and the classics of Gregorian chant. We also publish sheet music.
The Dominican Liturgical Center has been a consistent leader in sacred recordings in Poland, raising the tone and quality of liturgical music in the country as a whole. To date, we have published 15 CDs under our own label. We worked to create these recordings from the ground up, in cooperation with excellent contemporary composers. The recordings are works of art, but also musical invitations to prayer for the whole Christian community. All are available in our internet shop.
Internet resources
With the help of tech-savvy collaborators, we have created the largest liturgical website in the Polish langauge, The site contains nearly 9 000 articles, interviews, and press releases, and a library of audio and video resources.