Jubilee Vigilantes Group

Jun 15, 2019

On the eve of the solemnity of the Holy Trinity - on Saturday, June 15, 2019, at 20:15 - we invite you to the Basilica of the Holy Trinity o. Dominicans in Krakow for a common prayer with Gregorian chant (and the Dominican figure).

The breviary Matutinum will be celebrated - that is, a kind of a very extended hour of readings - this ceremony, which we will sing in full by using the medieval musical records of the chorale from the Dominican books. This Christmas Eve will be celebrated for the tenth time in a row, and the singing will be led by the choral group Vigilantes operating in the Dominican Liturgical Center under the leadership of Fr. Wojciech Sznyk, OP.

The Vigilantes choral group celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. Since 2009, members of the group have been learning chorale singing, celebrating the eve of the greatest feasts and celebrations of the liturgical year, and preparing meetings with traditional devotional singing of songs and services from ancient times.

We invite everyone who is willing to join in the prayer and singing: psalms, antiphons, responsorias and readings, during Matutinum at around 20:15. Earlier, at 7:30 a Mass will take place, during which we will thank God for the 10 years of existence of Vigilantes.

For all participants of the liturgy, we will prepare kancjonaliki containing Matutinum texts (in the Polish-Latin version) along with the choral record.