is the largest Polish site dedicated to the liturgy. It has over ten thousand articles and is continually growing.

Liturgia contains over ten thousand articles and is still growing. The site has a dedicated team of researchers, writers and developers who ensure its relevance. The website serves as a forum for information exchange and dialogue.
The Dominican Liturgical Center utilizes the Internet as an accessible means to transmit Catholic theology and culture. Every day we help others more fully discover the Sacred Rites. Through Liturgia, we work to deepen and strengthen the Catholic identity of internet users.
Liturgia is comprised of articles by distinguished liturgists and theologians, interviews with musicians and composers of liturgical music, book and magazine reviews of liturgical works and recordings, as well as commentaries on the Liturgy of the Word, Mass forms, and other related content. Photos and musical tracks are also present.
Additionally, the website serves as a blog platform, created by invited contributors and managed by the editorial office. The blog allows users to express and exchange ideas pertinent to Christian liturgy and the culture that results.
Liturgia sends weekly newsletters to its registered users. Please see for more information.