Votive Masses

They are held on Tuesdays throughout the year at 9:00 AM in the Myszkowski Chapel pw. St. Dominika, in the Dominican Basilica in Kraków.

Votive masses in honor of St. Dominic

We organize music for Tuesday Masses at 9:00 in the Chapel of St. Dominic in Kraków’s Dominican Basilica. Most of the Masses are celebrated using St. Dominic’s Mass form to venerate him.
The Masses are offered for expecting parents and married couples who pray for children. We also pray for all of the Foundation’s benefactors and friends. Following Communion, we say the litany to St. Dominic and read intentions (which can be left at the entrance of the St. Dominic’s Chapel or online throughout the week).
Tuesday 9:00 AM
Chapel of St. Dominic
Dominican Basilica, ul. Stolarska 12, Kraków
Mass Music